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  1. 20%

    Tiny Classic Mix 520g

    Was US$24.00 Was MX$411.57 US$19.20 MX$329.26
  2. Travel Exclusive
  3. Travel Exclusive
    Antonio Banderas

    Blue Woman 200ml

    Was US$38.00 Was MX$651.66 US$29.95 MX$513.61
  4. Travel Exclusive
  5. Travel Exclusive
  6. Travel Exclusive
  7. Buy any 2 save 30%
  8. Travel Exclusive
  9. Travel Exclusive
  10. Travel Exclusive
  11. Travel Exclusive
  12. Travel Exclusive
  13. Travel Exclusive
  14. Travel Exclusive
    Calvin Klein

    Ck One Set 2x100ml

    Was US$72.00 Was MX$1,234.72 US$50.40 MX$864.30
  15. Travel Exclusive
  16. 30%

    Tin 165g

    Was US$14.50 Was MX$248.66 US$9.99 MX$171.32
  17. Travel Exclusive
  18. Travel Exclusive
  19. Travel Exclusive
    Issey Miyake

    L'Eau D'Issey Travel Exclusive Set 2x25ml

    Was US$65.00 Was MX$1,114.68 US$52.00 MX$891.74
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Set Descending Direction

116 Items


The Duty Free shops in the Cozumel Airport offer you a series of exclusive tax free products that you won't find in other airports. Each of the Duty Free shops is unique, so within our catalogue, you can find special offers on products only available in Cozumel. Check out the Duty Free shop at Cozumel, where you can find exclusive offers on high quality tax free products of the brands you love. In each of the airports that Duty Free operates, there are exclusive offers with our tax free prices.

Duty Free has a large exclusive selection of food and beverage products, ranging from local delicacies to your favorite brand names. If you are traveling from Cozumel, enjoy the local products with tax free prices. Among our exclusive offers, you will find the best selection of tax free cosmetics, drinks and fashion accessories.

Get all of these exclusive offers and more in the Cozumel Duty Free store. Furthermore, if you want to save time and money, take advantage of our Reserve & Collect service. Thanks to this service, you can simply select the items you want on our website, select a location, and pick up and pay for your exclusive items, which will be ready up to two hours before your flight from Cozumel. Shop the Duty Free airport exclusives now!